Michael Ostrowski


Hi All,

I am the author of Lost in the Fog, a comedic mystery-thriller set in San Francisco, and the novel A Model Community, a quixotic search of love and redemption set in 1999 in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, I have degrees from Boston University and Emerson College.  The inspiration for Lost in the Fog came from working as a museum gallery attendant, where I would combat boredom by scribbling nonsensical poems in a tiny notebook to the dismay of my supervisors.  While I spent many years getting lost in the fog in San Francisco, I currently reside in sunny Miami.

In 2019 I traveled four months in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean (after sailing across the Atlantic). I’m excerpting journal entries from the trip in my blog, and I hope you enjoy following along.

Thanks for reading!

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