Michael Ostrowski


Hi All,

I am the author of Lost in the Fog, a comedic mystery-thriller set in San Francisco, and the novel A Model Community, a quixotic search of love and redemption set in 1999 in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, I have degrees from Boston University and Emerson College.  The inspiration for Lost in the Fog came from working as a museum gallery attendant, where I would combat boredom by scribbling nonsensical poems in a tiny notebook to the dismay of my supervisors.  While I spent many years getting lost in the fog in San Francisco, I currently reside in sunny Miami.

In 2019 I traveled four months in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean (after sailing across the Atlantic). Since then I’ve been working on finishing the sequel to Lost in the Fog while having more adventures.

Thanks for reading!

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