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Passage to Portugal

November 4, 2019 – Fisterra, Spain For six weeks and 550 miles I’d been perfectly healthy (outside of a few blisters) walking across Spain.  But I wake on the morning J’Nell and I are to leave for Portugal feverish and nauseous. With 6 hours of bus rides ahead of me, this is no bueno.  It feels…

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Hiking Back to High Country

Sunday, October 13th – 8:08 pmRoom 1 at La Posada del Druida, FoncebadónToday’s Walk: Castrillo de Los Polvazares to Foncebadón At 8:45 am J’Nell and I are treated to a brilliant sunrise rising over the exact center of town, casting a golden glow on the cobblestone street.  Simply stunning.  I would have liked to have…

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