Aloha and Welcome to Under Diamond Head!

Camera 360
Looking down from Diamond Head

Aloha All,

On a day that only exists once every four years, I’ve decided to use this “extra time” to start three different ventures.

The first is what you’re reading now, this blog.  My last foray into blogging was in 2007, which I enjoyed immensely but gave up after about a year of doing it.  This was due to perusing other creative projects and focusing on my career outside of writing.

The second thing is to quit drinking for one month.  My alcohol habits lie somewhere in the middle of a teetotaler and a stumbling boozehound, so this isn’t a necessity.  But I’m sure it will do my body and mind (and wallet) some good.

The third venture is to start the Minimalist Challenge.   If you’ve never heard of this or the good people at I recommend you check them out.  I’ve never met Joshua and Ryan and I’ve only learned about them through their website, but their philosophy and way of living has really intrigued me.  I’m certainly not a hoarder, but I have way too much stuff.  With this “game”, I have to give up one possession on March 1st, two things on March 2nd, three things on March 3rd, four on the 4th, and so on until the end of the month.


The first month of this blog will be about my efforts to adopt the minimalist mantra and to stay away from alcohol, but after that I plan on picking up where I left off in 2008. I want to write about the place where I live (under Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii) and also about films, books, TV shows, and also dig into some nostalgia for good measure.

There’s so much out there on the Internet to read, and I sincerely appreciate anyone who takes the time to come along for the ride with me on this blog.

One last note before I end this first post …  If you have Instagram and want to check out some of my pictures of Hawaii (as well as San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and other places), please visit my page at



  1. I actually always considered you a minimalist. 😀 You may have some pieces of clutter around your house but this is going to get interesting. When Tom and I left a 3-story house and moved to Hawaii with a few boxes it was one of the most refreshing things ever! Good luck!!


  2. Aha! After reading about your book, I tried to return to the beginning of your blog…and suddenly found myself being able to go much further back than I was able to before. You live on Oahu. That was actually my guess. While Oahu has the bigger population and most development, it also has everything you might need that the other islands don’t have or only have a limited amount of. Creature comforts in the islands are nice. And–how exciting–you have all of the other islands at your fingertips, so to speak, for you to visit and explore.
    I’ll not ask about the alcohol or the minimalist challenge. I’m sure those will be discussed in the posts ahead. CHEERS!

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