Lost in the Fog

With my new novel Lost in the Fog about to be published, in September of 2019 I embarked on a four month trip to France, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean. The main reason for the journey was to hike the Camino de Santiago, a 550 mile pilgrimage. With this blog, I am excerpting from the journal I kept and am sharing what made it so special. David Lynch once said "getting lost is beautiful", and my voyage embodied that definition.

The city I lived in for 8 years, the location of my novel Lost in the Fog, the place where I have wonderful memories and still so many great friends. I haven’t been a resident since 2012, but it will always feel like home. San Francisco is the perfect place to stop from Hawaii before heading off to Europe for three months.

Since arriving late Sunday evening, J’Nell and I have been very busy having fun with friends and getting in practice walks. In preparation for our 500 mile Camino de Santiago journey, we’ve been covering a lot of ground by foot and have seen much of the city.

From our home base at the Hilton Union Square we’ve walked to the Ferry Building to Fort Mason to Chrissy Field up to the Bridge and into the Richmond District. We’ve also ambled through the Tenderloin past Japantown down to the Pan Handle and then all the way through Golden Gate Park to the windmill and the ocean. Many streets in SoMa have also been traversed. In a little over 3 days we’ve logged nearly 70,000 steps.

A lot of time on our feet, but its all been sans backpack. I’ve always been someone who walks a lot, and I have no hesitation going long distances day after day. But how will it feel with 20 lbs strapped to my back?

That is the unknown factor. We did a mile wearing the pack before leaving Hawaii and it felt pretty good. But we’ll be doing 10-14 miles per day on the Camino, and until I cover that distance with all that extra weight I really won’t know how my body is going to respond.

I’m thinking positively that all will be good, and I’m very excited to start the Camino. But we still have most of tomorrow to spend in SF, and then Paris is the next stop on the journey!

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