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Something Just Like This

This is something like a Superhero Origin Story.  But without Spiderman or Batman or insert any of your DC or Marvel favorites.  Like Chris Martin said, you won’t see Camden Swanson (the main character of my novel  Lost in the Fog) on that list. The story I’m about to tell might be inspiring to some, or…

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Lost in the Fog Book Trailer

Hi All, I’m very excited to share with you the trailer for my new novel “Lost in the Fog”.  Thus far I’ve received 226 pre-orders of my book, and I only need 24 more to fulfill my obligation with Inkshares to receive publication. It’s impossible to describe how grateful I am for all the support…

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Lost in the Fog, My New Novel

A little over fourteen years ago my first novel, A Model Community, was published.  At that time I was living in LA and had written several screenplays, but had I failed to get them noticed by anyone in Hollywood.  I was certain my novel would be my ticket to success, the thing to launch my…

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