While I work on a new blog post to continue chronicling the 4 months I spent traveling abroad last year, I want to share some exciting news. My new mystery novel Lost in the Fog will be available in print and e-version on September 21st!

When I set out on the Camino de Santiago last autumn, I was hoping my book might be out by Christmas 2019, or possibly early 2020. While that didn’t happen for various reasons, my publisher Inkshares initially gave me a tentative April release date. That of course went poof when the pandemic hit.

With the state of the world today, I am extremely grateful to have this September 2020 publication date.

If you are like me, I have been hunkered down at home reading book after book, being transported across time and space through all these wonderful stories. Thankfully, there are no travel restrictions in a novel. I’ve also had to reread Lost in the Fog to correct galley proofs, and it has taken me back to the streets and different neighborhoods of San Francisco.

I hope my art heist comedic-mystery (I like to think of it as The Big Lebowski meets The Thomas Crown Affair) can do the same for you. If it sounds like something you would like to read, I’d be honored to send you a cool postcard (done old-timey style) with a personal note of thanks if you pre-order it. For anyone that has already bought Lost in the Fog, I will mail you one as well.

Order direct from Inkshares: https://www.inkshares.com/books/lost-in-the-fog

Order from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Fog-Michael-Ostrowski/dp/1950301117

Here’s what my novel is about:

Lost in the Fog, the first mystery in the Camden and Veronica Series

It was supposed to be a simple heist. But running with art thieves could get them killed. 

San Francisco. Disgraced investigative journalist Camden Swanson spends his nights guzzling beer and penning nonsensical poetry. Working a museum guard shift after a drug-addled disasterpiece lost him his job, his life takes a wild twist when he’s offered a huge sum to help steal the institution’s prized Matisse statues. But when someone else snatches the sculptures first, Swanson’s beautiful benefactor demands he return them… or die.

Unable to persuade the vengeful femme fatale he didn’t double-cross her, he engages the help of Veronica Zarcarsky, a recent journalism school grad. But when they discover a shocking secret and everything they’ve learned turns out to be a lie, Swanson suffers a brutal attack and his partner is nearly murdered. 

Can the ragtag duo crack the case before they end up in the obituaries?

If you like wise-cracking investigators, twists you won’t see coming, and classic crime capers, then you’ll love this action-packed whodunit.

Pre-Order Lost in the Fog for some high-stakes larceny today! 

And here’s a look at the postcard I’ll send to you with a personalized note of thanks if you pre-order!

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  1. How utterly fantastic that you’ve got a novel written and published. Actually, this looks like it is your second book? Bravo! I also noted that you are a screenwriter. Might you have written anything I’ve seen? I absolutely applaud you for getting your projects completed and out there. I have always loved writing. For a while, I was a writer for a newspaper. I wrote mostly for its monthly lifestyle magazine. I did the travel articles and the pieces on restaurants/dining, for the most part. It was the favorite of my careers, but it also burned me out. Now, the most I churn out is the occasional blog post. So, kudos to you on the publication of your novel. I will buy a copy—but AFTER my move to Washington state later this year. (I am packing up the house now. I’ll spare myself having to pack the book…and just order it and have it delivered once I reach my new home.) I’m very curious and very happy for you. Here’s to your success. CHEERS!

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